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“Your one stop shop for backline hire, tour crew and splitter van hire. Based in the North East, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.”

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Get Touring was the brainchild of a former major label artist and his tour manager who grew tired of seeing hard earned money flow from the North East due to a lack of resources and experienced personnel.

We offer backline hire on a dry hire basis or with a discount when hired on a tour alongside our personnel. We can supply anything from a single guitar amp or instrument for a days recording to full backline hire for a tour.

Our hire stock is based on equipment that we know can survive the rigors of the road whilst offering you excellent value for money. All stock is regularly serviced by our technician and tested before and after every hire. We aim to cater for those on a budget as well as those looking for something of higher quality and if you require specific equipment that we don’t have listed, get in touch, as our hire stock is always increasing and we may be able to source and supply this for you.

We have a constantly updated list of North East based personnel and can source production managers, lighting designers, crew and any other personnel requirements your tour or gig may require.

Looking for a splitter van? We recommend ‘Band Van Man’ based in the North East who have a fleet of high quality, 9 seater splitter vans, available with a driver or for dry hire for any driver over 25. Registered as modified vehicles and with fully comprehensive insurance specific for use within the entertainment industry, these vans are covered in the UK and throughout Europe. They are also London congestion charge exempt.

For any further information, a quote or no commitment advice and guidance, do not hesitate to get in touch.