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Vox AC30CC1 Guitar Amp


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Vox AC30CC1 Guitar Amp


  • Input Select (Normal and Top Boost) Input Link Switch (Blending channels)
  • Controls: Volume (Normal Input) Volume, Treble and Bass (Top Boost Input)
    Tone and Mix (Reverb) Speed and Depth (Tremolo)
    Tone Cut, Master Volume.
  • Wattage: 30 Watts
  • Effects Loop: ¼” (Send, Return and Bypass Switch)
  • Inputs: Two ¼” (Normal and Top Boost. Can be blended)
  • Speaker Outputs: Two ¼” (External and Extension)
  • Channels: One (Two Inputs – Normal or Top Boost)
  • Speaker: One – 12″ Vox Celestion NeoDog
  • Impedance: 8 or 16 Ohms (Selectable)
  • Output Bias Switch (80 “Warm” or 50 “Hot”)
  • Smoothing Switch (22uf “Vintage” or 44uf “Modern”)
  • Footswitch: 2-Button Footswitch Included (Reverb and Tremolo ON/OFF)


This Vox Valve Amp is a one-channel amp, with two separate inputs (Normal and Top Boost.) These are selectable or can be blended together using the Input Link Switch. It comes supplied with a footswitch, which allows the built in Reverb and Tremolo settings to be turned on or off. It is flight cased with locking castors and is available for both live and studio hire at the following rates.


Day hire – £25
Week hire – £100
Fortnight hire – £150